Superbowl Name the Finalists Betting

Even before the NFL season gets under way, most fans of the sport will have their own idea of which teams they will hope will end up in the Superbowl final, one of which will of course be the team they support.

However, as the season progresses, as it is doing right now, many bookies will be updating their name the finalists betting markets based on just which teams have been performing well in the matches they have so far played off.

Today I am going to be taking a look at that betting market and will let you know which teams are being backed by many sports bettors the world over as the ones punters are convinced or are hoping will be making it through to the Superbowl final.

The two teams that are currently leading that betting market are New England and New Orleans and if you do fancy their chances and are convinced that they are going to make it right through to the Superbowl final you should be able to secure odds of around 9/1 right now.

Joint Second Favourite Pairings

Do keep in mind that the number of two team permutations of teams that could make it right through to the Superbowl final are high in number and as such you are going to fund some decent odds right now attached to each pairing.

There are four teams that are being offered at odds of 14/1, and they are Kansas City and LA Rams to make it through to the final along with New England and Philadelphia too. A couple of other pairings worth noting are New England and Green Bay who are 15/1 and then you have New England and LA Rams at 18/1

Other Pairings Worth Considering

Let me now quickly rattle through the odds attached to some other parings and give you some ideas at to the generally available odds, but do shop around as the odds are likely to vary depending on just which betting sites you do place such a bet at.

You can get odds of 22/1 on Kansas City and Philadelphia, 24/1 on Kansas City and Green Bay and odds of 28/1 are being offered at most betting sites on New England and Chicago along with New England and Minnesota. Also, if you fancy the chances of Kansas City and New Orleans you should easily be able to get odds of 30/1 on them both making it through to the Superbowl final.

You may be tempted to wait until more matches have been played off this NFL season before making the decision of just which teams to bet on to make it through to the Superbowl final, but keep in mind the odds on the most fancied teams are going to be much lower than they are right now.