Teams Punters are Backing to Win Each NFL Division

You may be thinking about putting together a potentially huge paying parlay bet right now, and if so then consider placing such a bet on the teams that are expected to win each of the NFL divisions, as most bookies are going to be offering betting markets on those teams to punters.

However, as is always the case when selecting a bookies at which to place such a  bet on, you need to pick one offering fast winning pay-outs, high pay-out limits and also the bookies which are offering the highest odds too, which each of our featured bookies are by the way.

With that in mind allow me to give you some idea of the teams that are being backed right now to win each division and give you an overview of the odds that you are going to find generally being offered by most online and mobile sportsbooks too.

Over in the AFC East it is the New England Patriots that are expected to win that division and sadly so great are their chance you will not find odds much higher than 1/25 on them winning, but do shop around as different bookies will be offering you different odds of course.

Teams Expected to Win the AFC North, South and West

It is the Baltimore Ravens that bookies have chalked up as the most likely winner of the AFC North division and as for just what odds you are going to be able to secure right now on that team, well those odds do give you an insight into their chances for they are around the 1/3 mark.

In the AFC South division there are currently two teams that are the joint favourites to win that division and for reference they are the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts both being offered at odds of around 11/8, and in the AFC West it is the Kansas City Chiefs that are the favourites two win that division at odds of 1/5.

Odds on the Other NFL Divisions

You will find some very decent odds available right now on the team that is leading the betting on the NFC East division, for that team is the Dallas Cowboys and their odds of winning that division are 4/6 but do get a bet on quick as those odds may shorten up sooner rather than later.

You can secure odds of 8/13 if you want to back the current favourite team to win the NFC North, for that team is the Greenway Packers and many sports bettors are convinced that they are going to win that division by the way.

The odds are sadly not huge on the team that most bookies and punters alike are convinced will win the NFC South for that team is the New Orleans Saints and those odds are just 1/5.

Finally, I move onto the NFC West division and it is the mighty San Francisco 49’ers that are the current favourite to win that division and their odds right now on them doing so are 20/29 at most betting sites.