Tennessee Titans vs Cleveland Browns

The 8th of September cannot come around quickly enough for fans of the NFL as that is of course the date when most of the NFL week one matches of the upcoming season will be starting, and as such there are going to be plenty of matches being played that day.

There will of course also be more than enough betting opportunities too for fans of the sport, however several bookies and sportsbooks have already made live several NFL related betting markets and some of them are not only offering punters the chance of backing any team to win the Superbowl but are also offering early odds on each week one match too.

For those of you that are fans of the Tennessee Titans or the Cleveland Browns, well those two teams are scheduled to play each other on the eighth of September this year and that is one of several matches that you may be interested in betting, even at this very early stage.

If so, then as far as just what odds are being offered by each of the leading sportsbooks that are offering odds on that match, the Tennessee Titans are available at odds of around the 39/19 which means they are the underdogs to win that match.

The reason why I say they are the underdogs to win is that their opponents the Cleveland Browns are rock solid in the futures and early betting markets and have already attracted some big bets, resulting in their odds having dropped down to around the 10/21 mark.

Choose Your Bookie Wisely

Whilst you are going to find it very easy to find a sportsbook at which you can sign up to and start placing absolutely any type of American Football match you could every imagine, not all bookies are going to be offering you a fully rounded betting experience.

Whilst it can be and often is the odds and money lines that you will be most interested in when looking for a betting site to make use of, and will always be seeking out those offering the highest valued ones, you should also be looking at just what else is on offer to you too.

You will need to ensure any betting site or betting apps you make use of gives you access to the type of deposit methods you are wishing to use to fund your betting account and one that is also going to allow you to withdraw your winnings using a payment option you want to get paid out by.

Fast and completely hassle-free pay-outs are something else that should be high up on your checklist of wants and demands, and as such there is one betting site that I just know is going to tick every single box on your checklist and that betting site is Bovada.

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