Tennessee Titans

For those of you that are interested in learning more about the Nashville Tennessee NFL team that being the Tennessee Titans who are a South Division American Football Conference NFL team which the home ground of the Nissan Stadium that holds some 69,143 will enjoy reading through this guide.

It was in the year 1960 that the Tennessee Titans played their very first season and the team colours which are quite distinctive to say the least are navy, titans blue, red, silver and white, for those of you with an interest in learning about the team mascot well it goes without saying they do have one and that team mascot is T-Rac.

It is KSA Industries that owns the team and their current head coach is Mike Vrabel. Many NFL teams have of course had many different home fields over the years and that is the case with the Tennessee Titan, whose very first home field was the Jeppesen Stadium at which they played from 1960 until 1964.

From 1965 until 1967 they played at the Rice Stadium moving onto the Houston Astrodome from 1968 until 1996m they then played the 1997 at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, then the Vanderbilt Stadium and it is now the Nissan Stadium ay which they play which they have bene doing since 1999.

Tennessee Titans AFC Championship Betting

Most fans of American Football are going to have their own favourite team and the one they support, and if that is the case with you and you are an avid fan of the Tennessee Titans, then you may fancy betting on them to win the AFC this season.

You could of course also choose to back them to win any matches they are scheduled to play in the season ahead too, and as you will find out below you can also bet on them to win the Superbowl LIV too.

But when it comes to you backing teams such as the Tennessee Titans, what you should be doing is making sure the betting sites or sportsbooks you are thinking of betting at are going to be offering you he highest odds currently available on them to win the AFC or Superbowl.

Well the best odds that you are going to find on them at this current moment in time are odds of 25/1, but keep in mind many sportsbooks are going to be offering their own set of odds and many of them could be offering you much lower odds too.

The best wat to ensure that you are always going to be offered some of the best odds available is by signing up to any of our featured betting sites and doing so as soon as you can do, for I can guarantee you that once the NFL season starts if the Tennessee Titans go on to win match after match their outright winner odds to take the AFC title at the end of the season will go much lower than the current 25/1 odds for sure!

Tennessee Titans Super Bowl LIV Odds

Now, you may fancy the chances of the Tennessee Titan winning the Superbowl, and that will certainly be the case if you are an avid fan of that NFL team.

But the thing that you do always need to remember and keep in mind regarding betting on any team to win the Superbowl, and not just the very next one, which for reference is the Superbowl LIV, is that the sooner you bet on them, and ideally before the season has started, the higher in value the odds you will often be offered.

That is certainly going to be the case if you do fancy backing the Tennessee Titan to win the Superbowl, and by shopping around you should quite easily be be to secure odds of 50/1 on them doing so.

Juts keep in mind though that it will be on the futures betting markets that you are going to find those high valued odds, and they will be subject to change at any time too, but as I say y you playing a bet on that team to win the Superbowl LIV before the season starts that is how you are going to get the very best value.

One other thing to keep in mind too is that some bookies will let you bet each-way, which means you play a win bet and a place bet of the same value on a single bet and will get a winning pay-out if your chosen team makes it to the Superbowl but doesn’t go on to win it.