The Pick of This Weeks NFL Betting Opportunities

Now is the time when you should be trying to make sense of this weeks NFL matches, and trying to work out just which teams you should be backing to win their respective matches, and if that is something that you about to do, then allow me to give you a helping hand.

A very close match sees the Ram up against the Seahawks, but on the balance of form I do feel it will be the latter named team that will win that match, and as such the odds most bookies are offering on the Seahawks being around the 3/4 mark, that does make them a very value packed bet.

I doubt you are going to have to spend too much time studying the match in which the Cardinal are up against the Bengals, for it should be very straight forward a match for the Bengals to win, and as for the odds you can currently secure on them, they are around the 8/15 mark.

Moving onto the Falcons vs Texans match, well it will be a major shock if the Texans do not come out on top and win that match, and their chances of doing so are accurately reflected in the 2/5 win odds that many betting sites have them on offer at.

The Ravens Are My Nap of the Week

You may be consider placing several parlay type bets on any of this weekend’s NFL matches, and if you are then one team, I do feel is well worth including on every single one of those types of bets you place is the Ravens.

They are going to be playing against the Steelers this weekend and as for what odds you are going to be able to secure on them winning, they look a rock-solid bet and one worth placing if you can get odds of around the 1/2  mark, so do some shopping around to try and secure those odds.

Other Standout NFL Bets This Week

I do have  a few other betting opportunities that are bound to be of interest to you in this week’s NFL matches and the Bears vs OAK Raiders match can surely only go one way and that will be a win who are worth a punt at their current odds of 2/5.

Moving onto another match that should be an easy win for one team, that is the  Jaguars vs Panthers match, and it should be an easy task for the Panthers to win that match and if you can find a bookie offering odds of 1/2 or higher then you should be taking those odds for sure.

One final match that is worth betting on is the Vikings vs Giants match and a quick look at the early betting on that match will show you that it is the Vikings that most punters are of the mind are going to win that match so the 2/5 up for offer on them doing so look very tempting to say the least.