The Redskins Face an Uphill Task Beating the Vikings

The very next NFL match on the calendar this week is going to be the WAS Redskins vs MIN Vikings match, however you are going to be offered some huge odds on the Redskins winning that match, for they are going to be seriously up against it this week.

Those odds are around the 13/2 mark which does somewhat give you  very clear indication of what their winning chances are, and as such the smart money for that match is going on the Vikings who should add this match to their winning tally, but their odds being 1/12 are not what you could call over generous.

In fact, having studied the betting market on all of this weeks NFL matches, there are plenty of other teams that should win their respective matches quite easily, and the next one that will be starting is the ARI Cardinals vs NO Saints match with the Saints looking likely to win that match as odds of 1/5.

However, you never know, it could be the case that the Cardinals somehow pull this match out of the bag and if you are convinced that is something that they are going to do you will be quite happy with the 15/4 odds being offered by most bookies.

Bengals vs The Rams

Plenty of sports bettors have been betting on the CIN Bengal vs LA Rams, and it is the Rams that they have been backing, so much so that many betting sites have been reducing their win odds accordingly and the best odds I have seen being offered right now are 1/7.

Moving onto the DEN Broncos vs IND Colts match, you will probably come to the same conclusion as me regarding that match, that being that the Colts are going to win that match and probably quite easily, and as for what odds you can currently secure on them, they are a 4/11 chance to win.

Other NFL Matches to Bet on This Week

If you are planning on putting together a parlay bet this week then I will now point you in the right direction of just which other NFL teams you should include in such a bet, beginning with the LA Chargers vs CHI Bears match, with the Bears being the team that should win that match at their current odds of 4/9.

The NY Giants vs DET Lions is another match to have included on your parlay bets this weeks and it is the Lions that should take all the beating in that match and by betting on them right now you can secure odds of 1/3 on them right now.

One final match that should go the way of the  favourite is the NY Jets vs JAX Jaguars match and that favourite to win are the Jaguars, and if you get a move on and bet on them sooner rather than later you should easily be able to get odds of 2/5 on them winning that match.