The Saints, Browns and Packers Look Set to Win This Week

If you do have some time to place your NFL bets this week, rather than battle through the crowds on Black Friday, then there are plenty of teams that are expected to win their upcoming matches, and you should be considering perming several of them together in a parlay bet.

Take for example the Saints who are up against the Falcons this week, it is hard to see them losing that match and whilst the outright match win odds being offered by bookies on the Saints being around 1/3, those odds are not huge, but decent enough to get your parlay bet off to a flying start.

At odds of 8/11 it is hard to see the Browns losing their match this week against the Steelers, and as such you should be including them on any parlay or accumulator type of bet that you are placing this week, as win that match the Browns should do.

Another team that is going to have a very easy task ahead of them this week are the Packers, and if they place up to their current form they should win their scheduled match against the Giants, and as for the odds available on them doing so, most bookies and sportsbooks have them chalked up at outright win odds of 1/3.

Back the Jets and the Eagles

The three teams I have listed up above that are expected to win their respective match will see your pay-out potential on any parlay bet being reasonable if as expected they do all go on to win their matches.

But the larger the number of teams you include in such a bet the higher your winning pay-out could become, and as such I will also advise you to include the Jets on any parlay bet you place this week on NFL matches as they should win at odds of around 8/15 against the Bengals and also the Eagles at odds of 2/7 should beat the Dolphins too, so include them on any such bet you place too.

Ravens Expected to Beat the 49ers

A quick look at the match betting markets on the match between the 49ers and the Ravens this week will enlighten you on just which team is expected to win that match, and to give you a clue the odds on the 49ers are 9/4 and as such they are the underdogs to win that match, whilst the favourites to win that match at odds of 4/11 are the Ravens.

One match that does look fairly hard to call is the Buccaneers and Jaguars match, however taking everything into account I think if you do intend to bet on that match it may just pay dividends to back the Jaguars and take the 20/23 outright winner odds that most bookies and sportsbooks are currently offering on them winning that match.

As far as the most likely winner of the match between the Titans and the Colts, I think it isn’t beyond the realms of possibilities for the Colts to win that match and the odds generally on offer on them doing so are 7/10.