This Seasons Top Arizona Cardinals Betting Opportunities

I just know that some of you out there will be avid fans of the Arizona Cardinals, and if you are then todays NFL betting news story will be of great interest to you, for today I will be looking at the best betting opportunities that are available right now on that team

As for the chances of the Arizona Cardinals winning the National Football Conference and being crowned the champions, well I think it is fair to say they are the rank outsider to do so, which does of course mean if you rate their chances then there are some huge odds on offer to you right now.

As for just how high in value those odds are, well plenty of betting sites have them chalked up at odds of 66/1, however you may find you get offered much bigger odds if you place such a bet over on a betting exchange.

When betting on betting exchange you will find any outsiders are going to be offered at much higher odds that any bookie will be offering you, so do keep that in mind if you do want to back the Arizona Cardinals.

Could the Arizona Cardinals Win the Superbowl?

Now, if you are a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, then you will be hoping and praying that they manage to get through to the Superbowl LIV and go on to win it, and all bookies will be offering you odds on them doing just that.

However, as one of the underdogs to win the Superbowl in 2020 do not expect to find bookies offering you odds on them doing so that are low in value, in fact by backing that team right now there are no shortages of bookies laying huge odds of 100/1.

Arizona Cardinals Regular Season Total Wins

One other betting market that is sure to be of interest to punters that fancy placing a long-term bet on the Arizona Cardinals right now is to try and predict via the under/over betting markets just how many wins they are going to have this season.

One bet that does come with some decent odds is the under 4.5 wins bet option for I have seen some bookies offering odds of 13/8 on that outcome, however conversely the Over 4.5 bet option looks a bit better value at 1/2.

The odds on the Under 5.5 option are 10/11 in fact the odds on the opposite market to that one, that being the Over 5.5 wins are 10/11 too, so it’s a toss up as to just which of those two bets you may be prepared to place.

The Under 6.5 wins option for the Arizona Cardinals can be placed at odds of 1/2 and the Over 6.5 bet which may just pay off can be secured right now if you get a move on at odds of 13/8, but do try and shop around to secure that you get the bets odds available on whichever outcome you fancy placing a bet on of course.