This Weeks NFL Tips and Money Lines

Betfred are offering some very appealing money lines on the NFL that will be in play over the next day or so, and as such if you do fancy placing any number of bets on those matches, you really should consider betting with them.

Take for example their money line odds on the Washington Redskins v Detroit Lions match, the most obvious winner of that match in my opinion are the Redskins, and if you get on over to the Betfred betting site you are going to find you will be offered odds of 3/2 on them winning that match.

It shouldn’t take too much effort for the Cleveland Browns to beat the Miami Dolphins, however most bookies are offering appallingly low odds on them doing so, but Betfred are going to be giving you odds of 91/500 on them winning that match which are the bets valued odds I have so far come across online.

Another team that are going to have an easy match this weekend are the New Orleans Saints and they are going to be playing against the Carolina Panthers, as far as just what money line odds you can bag on that former named team, well 1/5 seem to be the industry average, which give s you some idea of their winning chances in that match.

Buffalo Bills v Denver Broncos

Moving onto the Buffalo Bills match, you may be of the mindset that it will be the Bills that will come out on top and win that match and if so then you will find them being offered at money line odds of around the 111/250 mark.

However, if you think that it will be the Denver Broncos that will come out on top instead, well there is of course always the possibility that they will do and their money line odds at most bookies sites are 7/4, but do shop around as you may just find one or two bookies offering slightly higher money line odds than those.

A Few Other Matches to Bet on This Weekend

I have also picked out three other NFL matches that will be in play at some point in time this weekend that should be worth betting on based on the decent money line odds being offered on the teams I expect to win those matches.

The Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers should be won by the Bengals and if you are quick you should find money line odds of 23/10 on offer, and I do also think that the Atlanta Falcons are going to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their odds of doing so are 1/2.

Regarding the Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks match, well based on their current excellent form it is the Eagles I think should win and their money line odds at some bookie’s sites are around the 87/100 mark.