Washington Redskins

I have compiled this guide to give you a full and informative insight into the background along with the plethora of different betting opportunities that are going to be coming your way if you are a fan of NFL and are interested in betting on the Washington Redskins.

They are one of four teams that are in the East Division of the National Football Conference and they are based over in Landover, Maryland and for those of you that like to know just which the home field of any ANFL team is, well their home field is the FedEx Field which is huge and can easily hold some 82,000 people.

Having been founded and formed way back in 1932 there is plenty of history to the Washington Redskins and as for just what the team colours are, well they are burgundy and gold, their fight song is Hail to the Redskins and they are also best known by going by the nickname of The ‘Skins.

They started out playing at the Braves Field in 1932, but then quickly moved the following year and until 2936 at the Fenway Park, the following year in 1937 their home field became the Griffith and they stayed and played there until the year 1960.

Then in the year 1961 they made the move over to the RFK Stadium and then in 1997 the FedEx Field became their new home field which is of course where they still play their home NFL matches.

Washington Redskins NFC Championship Betting

One thing to keep in mind if you are of the mind that the Washington Redskins are going to have a good run of luck in the season ahead and are going to win match after match in the NFC, is that you can place a bet on them winning the NFC Championship before the season begins.

By doing so what you are going to find are some very high odds on them doing so, for they are not what anybody could ever call one of the red-hot favourites to win the NFC Championship this upcoming season.

In fact, having spent quite some time comparing the odds on the futures betting markets at many different betting sites I have found plenty of them that are offering odds on the Washington Redskin winning the NFC Championship this season of 66/1!

So I really do suggest that if you are an avid fan of that American Football team and you do want to bet on them to be the NFC Championship winner this season you place your bets before the season begins, as that way you are then going to benefit from some very high odds.

Try and stick to placing your American Football and NFC Championship bets at any of our featured and top rated betting sites though, for when you for example sign up to the Bovada Sportsbook you are going to be offered odds not only on the NFC Championship but odds on every single NFL match throughout the season too.

Washington Redskins Superbowl LIV Odds

It would appear from the futures and early betting markets in the Superbowl LIV, that sadly the Washington Redskins have very little chance what so ever of winning it, but that does of course mean the odds currently available on those betting markets on that team are huge.

It shouldn’t prove to be too difficult of you to secure odds of at the very least 125/1 on the Washington Redskins winning the Superbowl LIV, so if you are an avid fan or are convinced they are going to win then make sur you get your bets placed as soon as you possibly can do.

Keep in mind too though that you can also now place something known as an each-way bet on any team you think is going to make is to the Superbowl final in 2020.

By doing so you will be placing a two part bet on which you are going to win and receive a winning pay-out if you team wins that Superbowl but you will also be paid out at one half at the win odds at most betting sites on the second part of such a bet if you team only manages to make it to the Superbowl final.

But at the end of the day you will need to ensure the odds you do manage to take on the futures betting markets are the highest ones available, so spend some time on the hunt for the betting sites that are giving you the best odds on the Washington Redskins.