Week 12 2019 Regular Season NFL Schedule

You will of course want to experience winning when betting on any of the Week 12 Regular Season NFL matches, but you will also need to know just which teams are playing against each other.

To help you work out which teams are playing against each other and on which days and at what times each match in week 12 will be playing off, I have listed them all below, and they are all listed with Eastern Time starting times, just so you know.

One NFL Week 12 Match on the 21st of November

It is going to be the Colts @ Texans match that will be the one starting the week 12 NFL regular season matches, and that match is scheduled to start at 8:20pm ET on Thursday the 21st of November 2019.

I will leave it up to you to try and work out just which team should go on to win that match, but make sure you do check out the odds and money lines being offered at any of our featured betting sites.

NFL Matches in Play on Sunday the 24th of November

Sunday the 24th of November is the day when you will of course have the most matches to watch and/or bet on in week 12 of the 2019 Regular NFL season and below you will find the starting times of each of those matches and the teams that are going to be playing against each other too,.

The matches that will be starting and will be in play at 1:00pm ET are the Broncos @ Bills, Giants @ Bears, Steelers @ Browns, Buccaneers @ Falcons, Panthers @ Saints, Lions @ Redskins, and the Raiders @ Jets matches.

You will need to remember if you want to bet on oe simply watch the Jaguars @ Titans match that it is going to be starting at 4:05pm ET, that being the only match scheduled to start ta that time on Sunday the 24th of November 2019.

Moving onto the Week 12 matches that will be in play and starting at 4:25pm ET, they are the Cowboys @ Patriots match along with the Packers @ 49ers match too.

The last match in play on Sunday’s Week 12 matches is going to be the Seahawks @ Eagles match and the starting time of that match is at 8:20pm ET.

Final Week 12 Match in Play on Monday the 25th of November

You may have already worked out just which match is going to be the final one in play in week 12, for that match is of course the Ravens @ Rams match that plenty of sports bettors may be prepared to bet on, and it will be starts at 8:15pm ET on Monday the 25th of November.