Week 3 NFL Matches, Predictions and Odds

As we are rapidly moving towards week 3 of the NFL, many of you out there are probably trying to work out just which of this week’s matches to bet on and just which NFL teams are expected to win their respective matches too.

If that is the case then below you will find my match 3 NFL predictions and details of the odds that are currently on offer on each of the matches I expect to win this week too, for reference the odds quoted are currently up of grabs over at the Coral betting site, so do check it out if you fancy backing any of my predictions.

I expect that the Titans are going to win their match this week against the Jaguars, and to be fair to the Coral betting site the odds of 3/4 that they are offering on the Titans are overly generous and as such those odds are the for the taking if you get a move on.

There isn’t much separating the two teams in the Falcons vs Colts match, but taking everything into account I am of the mind that it will be the Falcons who will win that match and as you can get odds of 11/10 on them doing just that right now so make sure you grab those odds.

The Bills and Tigers Should Win

You can back any NFL team to win any one single match outright, or you can put together an accumulator or parlay bet containing any number of teams in the hope that the ones you pick to win do indeed do just that.

If you want to put on a double bet this week then two teams that should win their respective week three NFL matches in my opinion quite decisively then you should back the Bills and the Packers to win this week their odds for reference currently are 4/11 and 1/4 respectively.

Other Match Predictions for Week 3

There are of course the usual number of NFL matches this week and as such you have plenty of choice as to just which matches you bet on and just which teams you can back, however there are some additional teams that I expect to win.

For example in the Lions vs Eagles match, there can only be one winning of that match in my option and if you haven’t worked it out yet that team are the Eagles and as far as their win odds go they are the 3/10 favourites to win that match.

Whilst the Dolphins know how to play a good match, admittedly only now and then, they have no chance of doing so this week as they are up against the Cowboys in fact if you do thing they have any chance of winning Coral will give you win odds on the Dolphins they are an 11/1 shot, however at 1/33 the odds on a Cowboys win do make them a sure-fire red-hot favourite of that match, but probably one not work backing due to those ridiculously short odds.