Week 5 NFL Regular Season Schedule

As for the matches that are scheduled to take place as part of the NFL week 5 regular season, well if you are an avid sports fans than there will be plenty of matches to pick and choose from, and possibly several unexpected results will occur in those matches too.

To help you make sense of this seasons schedule, you will find a complete guide to each week of the regular season upon this website, and below are all of the matches that will be taking place during week five, the times listed for reference as usual are in Eastern Time, so keep that in mind if you are planning on watching or betting on any match form any other time zone.

Thursday the 3rd of October 2019

The first match in week five is the 8:20pm ET starting time match that is the Rams @ Seahawks match, so if you want to bet on the first match in week five then that is when it will be in play.

Sunday the 6th of October 2019

As is always the case with NFL matches, most of them are going to be starting on Sunday and at 1:00pm ET, and as such let me look at just which matches in week 5 will be starting at that time.

Those matches include plenty that I am sure you will be including in your parlay and accumulator type bets, and they include the Jaguars @ Panthers, Patriots @ Redskins, Bills @ Titans, Ravens @ Steelers and Cardinals @ Bengals matches.

The other week five NFL matches star7ing at 1:00pm ET are the Falcons @ Texans, Buccaneers @ Saints, Vikings @ Giants, Bears @ Raiders and the Jets @ Eagles matches.

Do keep in mind though that from a betting point of view, you are going to find plenty of betting sites, bookmakers and sportsbooks offering you money lines and betting odd son each team that is playing long before the day of the matches.

Therefore, it will often pay dividends of you to start hunting around for the best betting value long before the day of any match or matches that you are planning on betting on.

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The next match that will be starting on Sunday the 6th of October is the Broncos @ Chargers match and if that is a match you are planning on watching or betting on be aware its starting time is 4:05pm ET, that match is then going to be followed by one starting at 4:25pm ET which is the Packers @ Cowboys match, and then finally at 8:20pm ET you will be able to watch the Colts @ Chiefs match.

Monday the 7th of October 2019

The final week five regularly season NFL match will be in play on Monday the 7th of October 2019 and that is the Browns @ 49ers match which for reference will be starting at 8:15pm ET that day.