Week Two NFL Schedule 2019

As part of my series of guides that are going to be looking ahead to the upcoming regular season of the NFL, today I will be giving you an insight into each of the week two matches that are going to be played off.

Just be aware as always, that the times each match will be starting below are in Eastern Time, and as such you will have to factor in any time zone differences regarding where you live if you fancy watching any of the following NFL match on TV and also if you want to place a bet before they start too.

Thursday 12th of September

Just one match is scheduled to be played off on Thursday the 12th of September at 8:20pm ET, and that is the Buccaneers @ Panthers, match and being the only match of that day plenty of sports bettors will be both betting on that match and watching it live on TV too if not in person.

Sunday the 15th of September 2019

The majority of week two NFL regular season matches are going to be in play at some point in time on Sunday the 15th of September, in fact there will be fourteen matches that are going to be in play that day, based on Eastern Time of course.

Many of those match will be starting at 1:00pm ET and they include the Cardinals @ Ravens match, the Cowboys@ Redskins match along with the Colts @ Titans match the Seahawks @Steelers match, the Bills @ Giants match the 49ers @ Bengals match, the Chargers @ Lions match, the Vikings @ Packer match, the Patriots @ Dolphins and also finally the Jaguars @ Texans match too.

It will be at 4:05pm ET that you are going to be able to watch the match, if that is a match you do fancy watching, and then twenty minutes later at 4:25pm ET the Chiefs @ Raiders match, the Bears @ Broncos match and also the Saints @ Rams match will also be in play too.

You are then going to have to wait until 8:20pm ET to get to watch the Eagles @ Broncos match which being the final match being played off that day will be one that some sports bettors will be thinking about having a bet on.

Monday September the 16th 2019

The last match that is scheduled to be played as part on the week two regular season matches, will be starting on Monday the 16th of September 2019, and that is the Browns @ Jest match, as for the starting time of that match, well it will be starting at 8:15pm ET.

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