Which Teams Will Reach the Play Offs?

This morning I took a look over the NFL teams to reach the play offs betting markets, and the odds being offered by the handful of betting sites that are offering futures betting markets on the teams that could make the play offs are not that huge, on the most fancied of teams it does have to be said.

With that in mind let me now rattle through each team, and give you an overview into their odds of making it through to the play offs, as you never know you may fancy the chances of one team that is available at high odds if you do decide to play such a bet right now.

The Arizona Cardinals are 8/1 to make it through to the play offs and the Baltimore Ravens are an interesting 2/1 shot, you then have the Carolina Panthers who some of you out there may just fancy the chances of and they are on offer at odds of 5/2 to make it through to the play offs this season.

You can get odds of 7/1 on the Cincinnati Bengals or back the Dallas Cowboys at even money and the odds on the Detroit Lions are around the 5/1 mark, but if you fancy the Houston Tigers to make it through to the play odds this year their odds are worth taking right now as they are 6/4.

Teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars are 5/2, the Los Angeles Chargers are 8/13 and you can also get huge odds of 10/1 on the Miami Dolphins or place a fairly safe bet on the New England Patriots but you won’t find their odds huge as they are currently 1/6!

Do Shop Around and Compare the Odds

As all bookies and sportsbooks are going to have their own team of odds compilers never forget that you should be shopping around and comparing the odds available at several different betting sites as one team you may fancy making in though to the play offs could be offered at much higher odds at one betting site than most others.

Some other teams that I haven’t yet listed are New York Giants who are 9/2 to make it through to the play offs and the Oakland Raiders are looking like outsiders to do so given their current 9/2 odds, but the Pittsburgh Steelers at 10/11 do look a fair bet it does have to be said.

Next you have the Seattle Seahawks trading at odds of 6/4, followed by the Tennessee Titans who are a 3/1 shot. The Atlanta Falcons are 13/8 the Buffalo Bills are 4/1 and you have the Chicago Bears who do look a rock-solid bet at their odds of 5/6.

You can back the Cleveland Browns at 8/11 the Denver Broncos at 9/2 or place your money on teams such as Green Bay Packers who are 5/6 or take a chance on the Indianapolis Colts who are 8/15, but one team that does stand out as a fair bet are the Kansas City Chiefs at 3/10 and the same can be said for the Los Angeles Rams at 2/5.

The Minnesota Vikings are 13/10 and he New Orleans Saints are on offer at odds of 2/5, but the New York Jets can be backed right now at decent odds of 3/1 and the Philadelphia Eagles are 8/15 which the San Francisco 49ers being offered at odds of 5/2.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 9/2 but if you fancy the chances of Washington Redskins then bet now to secure odds of 4/1.