Who Will Win the 2019 Season NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award?

I would always strongly advise you to look at some of the much more unique type of long term and futures bets on sports such as the NFL, for with some hunting around you may find several standout betting opportunities on those long-term betting markets.

With that in mind, and I know it may seem way too early to consider placing such a bet, but today I am going to be looking at the long term betting markets on this years NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award, for I have spotted a couple of bookies out there offering such a betting market.

If that is a betting market that you are prepared to make use of, and you fancy following the early money too, then one player that does stand out as the most likely winner of that award this upcoming season is Aaron Donald, and he can be backed at odds of around the 2/1 mark right now.

Another player that must have a great chance of winning hat award this year is Khalil Mack, and as for the odds that you will find being offered on him, well I have seen bookies offering odds as high as 3/1 right now.

JJ Watt and Von Miller

Obviously any player could go on to be the one that does win the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award this coming season, and for those of you that are prepared to stake a few chances and risks and back a player that isn’t one of the leading contenders to win that award, well there are some high odds on offer.

A couple of players whose respective odds are in single digits, so I would say they have a fair and reasonable chance of winning that award are JJ Watt who can be backed at odds of 6/1 currently and also Von Miller in with a semi-decent chance too and his odds are for reference 7/1.

Bigger Odds but More Risk

Let me now quickly rattle through the names of those players that are a risky proposition to win this year’s NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award, whilst not the most obvious of players to win that award, there is no getting away from the fact that by backing any of the following players you will certainly be rewarded with some high odds.

As far as the next NFL players on this betting market go, you have the likes of players such as Joey Bosa on offer at odds of around the 14/1 mark, and then the odds get even high at 22/1 on players such as DeMarcus Lawrence and Myles Garrett

There are some tempting odds also being offered on talented players such as Derwin James for you can back him at 25/1 currently, and at 28/1 you have played such as Cameron Jordan, Chandler Jones and Earl Thomas too, other players can be backed, but their chance of winning that award this year are of course tiny.